The Huntsville Advantage

Huntsville Bridge

Huntsville Bridge – photo Bill Nickerson

Muskoka Meadows is located in the beautiful north end of Huntsville. But why would you want to live here?

Who doesn’t!

Huntsville has the charm of a small town with all the amenities you’d expect in a bigger city. Let’s review some of the advantages of life in Huntsville.

Surrounded by Nature

Huntsville Tom Thompson Sculpture

Huntsville Tom Thompson Sculpture – photo Bill Nickerson

Why did Tom Thompson and the rest of the Group of Seven artists spend so much time here? Quite frankly, it’s beautiful!

Huntsville is built in the middle of some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Canada, or the world for that matter. People come from all over the world every fall just to soak in the amazing colours as the leaves change.

And no matter the season, the forest, lakes, rivers and wildlife are inspiring.

Lakes and Rivers

In addition to the 4 major lakes (Vernon, Fairy, Peninsula and Mary), the Muskoka and Big East Rivers wind their way through town. And there are dozens of smaller lakes and rivers as well.

Lots of room for swimming, boating, fishing… whatever floats your boat.

Forests and Wildlife

Huntsville Wildlife - Duck - photo Robert Seymour,

Huntsville Wildlife – Duck – photo Robert Seymour,

At the edge of the Cambrian Shield, the forest in and around Huntsville is a richly diverse playground for nature lovers. Whether you are a bird watcher, photographer, painter, hiker or canoeist, this is your town!

Waterfowl abound in our waters. And forest critters co-exist with us quite peacefully. At night you can sometimes hear the wolves and coyotes howling. And deer and moose sightings are common, not to mention smaller creatures like rabbits, racoons and wild turkeys.

The forest itself is alive with a diversity of tree and other plant species.


But civilization lives here too. We’re not just about forests and wildlife.

Huntsville has most of the amenities that you’re used to in the big city. Just not as many of them. I mean, how many WalMarts do you need?

Shopping, Restaurants, Etc.

With the big box stores and lots of specialty shops in town, your shopping needs are covered for day to day needs.

The big box stores and the Huntsville Place Mall are less than 3 minutes from Muskoka Meadows. And downtown with all it’s specialty shops and restaurants is just 5 minutes away.

And each of the big banks has a branch (or 2) here in Huntsville. So your banking needs can easily be taken care of.

Medical Care

Huntsville has a great hospital located less than 2 minutes from our subdivision. And there is the professional building with a lab, pharmacy and many doctors’ offices right on the campus.

Dentists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners are available in town as well, all within a 5 minute drive.


And let’s not forget the education! The public school system in Huntsville has 6 elementary schools, a strong French Immersion program and a top notch high school. There is also a great Roman Catholic system and several private schools – Muskoka Montessori School, Tawingo College, Rosseau Lake College and Muskoka Christian School.

And several colleges and universities offer courses and programs in the area. The University of Waterloo campus for Environmental Studies is located in Huntsville.

Don’t forget that the Summit Center, Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations provide learning environments that are the envy of Northern Ontario communities.


In addition to the nature trails you’ll find right at your back door, there are lots of recreation opportunities in Huntsville.

Huntsville Watersports - photo Robert Seymour,

Huntsville Watersports – photo Robert Seymour,

Swimmers, boaters and anglers will find plenty of space on the 4 big lakes and dozens of smaller lakes that dot the region. Huntsville downtown is nestled between Lake Vernon and Fairy Lake. Penninsula Lake and Mary Lake are the other big lakes, all within the boundaries of Huntsville!

Prefer the canoe or kayak? Then maybe the rivers will be what floats your boat.

The Big East and Muskoka Rivers run

Muskoka River just off Brunel Rd - photo Bill Nickerson

Muskoka River just off Brunel Rd – photo Bill Nickerson

through Huntsville with lots of opportunities for relaxing river adventures. Or try one of the smaller, quieter lakes.

For land based adventure, we’ve got you covered there too. The Trans Canada Walking Trail winds through Huntsville, including a floating section along Hunters Bay. If you want something a little more adventurous, Arrowhead Provincial Park is only 4 minutes away with trails of various challenge levels. And Algonquin Park is a mere 20 minute drive down Hwy 60.

McCulley Robertson Sports Complex (5 mintues away) has lit soccer pitches and baseball diamonds. There are leagues for the kids and the adults in both sports. There is also a skate park and a disc golf course weaves through the park.

Golfers will love that Huntsville Downs, a championship course that challenges both your swing and your stamina (should you choose to walk it) is less than 2 minutes away! And both Deerhurst (2 championship courses) and Grandview (9 hole and a Mark O’Meara designed championship course) have world class golf that you can be at in about 7 minutes.

North Granite Ridge is another excellent championship course at the south end of Huntsville… a 15 minute drive.

The Summit Center - photo Robert Seymour

The Summit Center – photo Robert Seymour

The Canada Summit Center (where the G8 leaders met in 2010) boasts a 25m swimming pool, a teaching pool and hot tub. There are also 2 ice pads: the Jack Bionda Arena (which is also used for lacrosse in the summer) and the Don Lough Arena with a larger ice surface.

What about winter sports? Well, gold medalist Dara Howell got her start at the Hidden Valley Ski Hill, a mere 8 minute drive from Muskoka Meadows. It’s not the Rockies, but skiers and snow boarders will enjoy their time here.

If you prefer cross country skiing or snowshoeing, many of the Arrowhead and Algonquin Park trails are groomed for you.

And the snowmobile trails run through Huntsville. You can access the main trails through Fairy Lake or Lake Vernon.


Huntsville is a place that encourages the arts. Drama, music, painting, sculpture, photography, whatever! If you enjoy participating or spectating, Huntsville has you covered.

The Algonquin Theatre in downtown (5 minutes away) has concerts, plays and dance recitals throughout the year. This is a new, state of the art theatre.

The Jack Pine - part of the Huntsville Group of Seven Gallery - photo Bill Nickerson

The Jack Pine – part of the Huntsville Group of Seven Gallery – photo Bill Nickerson

And you’ll love the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery that is scattered through town. 33 replicas of famous works painted in the region are found in downtown Huntsville, with a special addition at the Summit Center (each of the G8 leaders added their touch to the mural) and a sketch gallery of dozens of smaller replicas at the Huntsville High School.

There are also murals in some of the outlying areas in and around Huntsville.