Why should you buy your new Muskoka home in the Muskoka Meadows Subdivision? Well, there are lots of great reasons…

The Building Process

How do your building techniques reflect the latest developments in housing?

We are part of a network of trained, innovative professionals.

We continually update our education in building sciences, attend trade shows, and carefully investigate new technologies to see how they can meld with our building style to improve our homes.

An example of that is our frequent use of on-demand hot water delivery, and drain water heat recovery units, both of which are recent innovations that we feel deliver measurable energy savings.

Also, we strongly recommend rigid insulation panels under the concrete basement floor to create a thermal break between your feet and the cold ground under the concrete.

How long will it take to have my home built?

Good question!

Since we typically have at least one completely finished house on site, you may be able to move right in if this home suits you.

On the other hand, you may wish to select one of our house designs and have it tailored to your specific and unique needs. That takes longer.

Typically, you can move into your fully completed home within 3 to 6 months of signing the contract for your home. Given weather conditions and time of year, this target may not be possible but we will always let you know when your home will be finished.

How do your building techniques reflect the latest developments in housing technology?

We are committed to being industry leaders and continually take training and attend trade shows to update our education in building science. We carefully investigate new technologies to ensure they produce measurable energy savings and benefits at a reasonable cost before integrating them into our homes.


Can I have a brick home?

You can have any kind of siding. Let us know what you want – brick, vinyl, clapboard, you name it. Brick is, of course, installed on-site.

What kind of floors, fixtures and finishes can I have?

Choose hardwood floors, upgraded baths or kitchens, or premium interior trims and we will happily accommodate you.

Say I wanted upgrades such as a thicker sub-floor?

Our minimum Canadian specifications reflect our commitment to quality and value in every home and we meet or exceed all required building standards. However, we’ll upgrade any of our materials to suit your needs.

Can I alter or provide plans?

You may change many aspects of your home’s layout so that it better suits your family. Move an interior wall, remove a wall to make two rooms, add a sliding door… these are options our staff will be pleased to discuss with you.

And don’t forget that we are also prepared to build a home based on your own plans. Again, our staff is in place to guide you through the process.

Is it possible to have a house built with in-floor heating and no basement?

The simple answer is “Yes!” and you can expect significant savings should you opt for such a house plan.

Several of our lots are perfectly suited to what is called “building on slab” and we have specific house plans that handle this request. Many seniors enjoy the comfort and convenience of in-floor heating in a home built on slab.

Our builders have an extensive background with building these types of homes. Typically, those who buy houses on slab have garage extensions or additional main-floor interior space to accommodate storage. Several of our featured plans provide such extra storage.

Can I finish my own basement?

Yes, it is possible to do work on your home once we have completed our work.

The Home Warranty could be compromised if work you do on your home interferes with the structural integrity of the house or the building code.

We are aware that some of our clients are highly skilled tradespeople and we celebrate their interest in continuing with a building project after we have completed the house.

Cost and Protection

How much do Muskoka Meadows’ homes cost?

Our feature builders will be pleased to discuss Total Cost with you. The variation in house and lot sizes, types of finishes and so forth affects the pricing. Not to worry: builders will provide a “turn-key” price if that is your wish.

This pricing includes a standard Muskoka Meadows’ Subdivision lot with full services (sewer, water, natural gas, electricity, cable, telephone), street lighting, engineered storm-water management, curbs, sidewalks and newly paved roads.

Additionally, we have house plans and larger serviced lots that meet the needs of those in a higher price range.

Contact us to get details on pricing and upgrade options that may be of interest. Rest assured, our homes are comfortable, efficient and affordable!

Is my home covered by a warranty?

All Muskoka Meadows homes are covered by a Tarion Warranty.

All warranties have limits and these will be fully explained by our staff. Warranties provided on products such as shingles, fixtures and floor coverings are assigned to the homeowner.

Each home in Muskoka Meadows Subdivision has a Builder’s Warranty along with the Tarion Warranty.

More About Muskoka Meadows

I want a lot that backs onto a forested area or green space.

We have many lots that back onto the forest and green spaces.

All lots in Muskoka Meadows Subdivision will have access to walking trails and bike trails throughout the forests surrounding the subdivision. Some of our lots back directly onto the forested area and others access the forested area using the trail system.

This is Muskoka! Forests and green space are the essence of Muskoka living.

What about a walk-out basement?

We have several lots that are perfectly suited to a walk-out basement plan. Click your mouse on the Site Plan and you will be able to view the various lots currently available.

Special Needs

What about seniors? Are your houses built with seniors in mind?

We are very aware of the needs of seniors.

  • bungalows to avoid having to climb stairs
  • ensuite bathroom and shower with a seat
  • elevated commode rather than the standard toilet
  • main-floor storage space
  • plenty of ambient light
  • comfortable temperature control and clean/fresh air flow
  • maintenance-free living
  • wider doors and hallways for wheel-chair access
  • finished uncomplicated landscaping
  • access to grass cutting and snow removal services at minimal cost

Muskoka Meadows’ homes can comfortably meet these requirements . In fact, we can meet these needs in the $300,000.00 range which is comparable to the cost of a standard condominium.

Research shows that seniors living in their own homes are happier and live longer. Something to think about!

Why buy a house in Muskoka Meadows rather than buy a Condo Unit?

Keeping in mind that seniors living in their own homes live longer and happier lives, why not invest in a home rather than a condo?

Remember, if you opt for condo living, you have monthly condo fees that are pretty much out of your control. They can rise significantly over time and you have little recourse.

Consider as well that a home in Muskoka Meadows is likely to increase in value by 5-10% per year; condos are unlikely to match this annual value increase.

The cost of snow shoveling and grass-cutting services is typically about a quarter of the cost of condo fees. Yet some seniors opt for a condo because they worry about snow and grass. At Muskoka Meadows there’s no need to worry about snow and grass. We will help you find dependable snow shovelling and lawn services that cost you much less than condo fees!

Furthermore, the convenience of your own home means:

  • no sharing elevator space with every other tenant
  • no elevators or long stairways to leave your unit
  • you can have your own garden and fruit trees if you wish
  • you have more space at much less cost and NO CONDO FEES!
  • you can play your music without worrying about disturbing anyone
  • no need to deal with hallway smells from someone else’s cooking practices
  • you don’t need to listen to sounds coming from adjacent condo units
  • you avoid elevators or stairways to crowded basement parking
  • no need to attend condo meetings or join a condo association
  • your own home gives you complete serenity and security in a quiet neighbourhood

Research shows that seniors living in their own homes are happier and live longer. Muskoka Meadows’ homes give you options that are simply unavailable to those living in condos.